My school board choices for change

    Presently the Valley Central school board is racked by dissension and disarray leading inevitably to dysfunction. The board cries out for a personnel

Elect Vinella

Nancy Vinella for Pine Bush School District Board is a good choice. Nancy is energetic, smart and deeply committed to the children and parents in

Who’s afraid of Handmaids?

Your article “Creepy scene at Putnam Legislature Meeting” revealed the sad fact that someone elected to serve on the legislature was “frightened” and had “horrible

Israel and Palestinians

Israel is a rogue nation which repeatedly violates international law,  UN resolutions, and the human rights of Palestinians and Bedouins.   This outlaw and criminal  behavior 

Voting rights for parolees

Long ago, New York State abolished its debtors’ prisons.  Locking debtors up virtually guaranteed that their debt would remain unpaid.  Today the state has the

Bright new day in Dutchess County

It is a bright new day in Dutchess County. Some of our most important leaders are joining forces to link the county and its educational