What Is The Best Time To Post Instagram Reel?


Instagram is an ever-growing environment, and you will never wish to miss out on this digital opportunity. Instagram has a significant influence on its users, and reels have become a trend to follow. The platform opens doors to a global community. We all aim to get organic growth through quality content and consistency, but a lot of users also resort to ways like buy Instagram reels views, Instagram followers, or likes to gain a star status. These services from a trusted service provider allow you to reach more users at the right time. 

The Insta user’s decisions are highly inspired by the content’s entertainment value, relevance, popularity, and expertise. It is extremely important to hit every parameter needed to succeed in the world of Instagram.


All about Instagram Reels:

We all understand that content is the king of Instagram, and video content is what makes you the winner. With the popularity of TikTok, it was clear that people get entertained by entertaining short video clips. Instagram thus launched Reels with new video and audio features similar to TikTok. Reels now account for over 25% of user activity on the platform. Thus, it is clear that Reels play a major role in the success of Instagram. Every content creator wants to use Reels to their advantage and also resort to ways like buying Instagram reel views.


The best time to post Reels on Instagram:

The main question remains if there is the best time to post Reels on Instagram to increase its reach and engagement. Of course, every brand is different, is the audiences also react differently, so every user will have their own unique time that is the best to post Reels.

Each brand has a different best spot to post Reels on Instagram. It is evident that every brand caters to a particular set of audiences who have different behavior patterns. There are a few best practices that you can follow as a content creator to get the best results on Instagram.

The algorithm prefers postings that are made when maximum followers are online. Recent posts are the key. The algorithm picks a newer post to show on the newsfeed. Thus, posting when followers are usually online is the easiest and quickest way to optimize a Reel for success. But apart from this, it’s important to have a set target and clear goals for the marketing strategy. You need to have a vision that focuses on building awareness, and engagement and generating higher traffic. 

But, a few researchers on the topic narrate that usually posting around 11 AM on weekdays proves to be the best time to share Reels. The active Instagram users interact with new content during mid-day all through the week. It is actually the time you take a small break during working hours. Weekends are not as great to post as people have less Instagram engagement. Users generally spend time with family and friends rather than scrolling Instagram. As the account grows, you can change the Reels’ posting schedule as per the audience’s view patterns.


The best time to post Reels is based on the target audience:

As we understand that every set of audiences is different, and no one strategy can work for every brand. Thus, the best time to share new Reels depends on the brand’s target audience. To find out the time when the audience is generally online, you need to research about their demographics, age, location, and preferences. Instagram’s analytics tool and deeper Insights are of great help in this case. You must have a creator or business account to access Insights. Insights provide you with a lot of information about the target audience and the followers.

If you want to increase the views of the Reels globally, you must publish them as per the followers’ time zone. Instagram Insights allows you to view the location of your followers. You can also conduct a competitor analysis through Insights to see their performance and get some key insights on the times they post Reels. 

Insights also allow you to find out the time slot when the followers are most active. This reliable indicator helps to determine the best time to post Reels. You can view their level of activity by hours and by days of the week. Posting when the followers are active will help to get better reach for the Reels. 

Knowing the best Reels posting time on the platform is not enough. You must also have a well-planned content structure, a consistent posting schedule, and a well-drafted content calendar to plan ahead and manage time.



Figuring out the best time slot to post Instagram Reels can be tough and get free instagram likes on it. It is important to keep the quality of the content high and be consistent with the postings. This strategy can then be backed by strong analytics tools to find the exact slot when your audience is generally active and engaging. Once you schedule the Reels, these insights can help figure out the optimal time of posting and getting the best reach and engagement.

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