Cleanup to begin at Peekskill manufactured gas plant


PEEKSKILL – Action is expected to begin shortly to address contamination in Peekskill Bay related to the Pemart Avenue manufactured gas plant at 189-199 North Water Street in Peekskill.

The cleanup activities will be performed by contractors working for the responsible party, Consolidated Edison Company of New York.

The remedial work is being completed in two phases. Phase one, completed in April 2022, included the excavation of MGP-contaminated soil in upland areas that are designated as operable unit one.

Phase two will address contamination in the off-site sediments of Peekskill Bay, designated as operable unit two.

The site’s former MGP operated from 1899 through 1931 and an electric generating plant also operated from 1905 to 1950. After the closure of the MGP, the site operated as a gas storage station until 1966.

The gas manufacturing process involved the heating of coal and/or petroleum products to produce a gas mixture. Once cooled and purified, the gas was distributed through a local pipeline network.

The gas was used for heating and cooking, and much like natural gas is used today.

In the early years, gas was also used for lighting in homes and streetlights.

The primary contaminant of concern is coal tar and associated compounds