Schumer wants answers from railroads following catastrophic disasters

CSX bridge near Highland

WASHINGTON – In the wake of the train disaster in East Palestine, Ohio, US Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer on Tuesday called on the major railroad companies to provide evidence of what they are doing to prevent future catastrophes such as that one.

He noted that he was able to get rid of the crude-oil carrying DOT-111 train cars that carried Bakken oil and other potentially danger chemicals.

The senator also said he is looking into CSX freight rail safety along the Hudson River in the Hudson Valley.

“I asked them to meet with me sort of quickly so that is encouraging. We will see what happens. With these railroads, you never know. Sometimes they answer and then they don’t, but I stay on them very hard,” he told Mid-Hudson News.

One area of freight rail in the Highland area along the Hudson River is shored up by wooden pylons and CSX has said they would address it in the months ahead.