Newburgh’s major sewer project half complete

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Giant shaft to make way for the boring of a tunnel for a new sewer main in the City of Newburgh
Giant boring drill to make way for new sewer line

NEWBURGH – It’s halfway finished, but when a $32 million sewer project is completed in the City of Newburgh, it will lessen the discharge flow into the Hudson River and strengthen development efforts on a bluff overlooking the waterfront.

“This is the largest sewer project the city has undertaken in decades,” said Jason Morris, Newburgh’s commissioner of public works and the city engineer, who outlined the project on Thursday.

The north interceptor sewer improvement project “is designed to mitigate the frequency and duration of combined sewer overflows into the Hudson River,” he said.

A 50-foot-deep shaft has been dug on Colden Street, just north of SUNY Orange’s parking garage, to launch a remote-controlled boring machine, which will tunnel through for a new sewer main. The project is expected to be completed in the summer of 2024.

“It will bore 2,000-feet horizontally to the north and south, so we can run a new sewer main underneath Colden Street,” Morris said.

And when completed, the new sewer main is designed to prevent the dumping of million and millions of gallons of overflow each year into the Hudson River.