Orange County more than doubles emergency home fuel fund

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Orange County Legislator Rob Sassi announced the increased assistance on Thursday

GOSHEN – With the record high prices of heating a home, it is becoming more and more difficult to pay the winter energy bill, so Orange County is going to help out.

The federal Home Energy Assistance Program provides funding for those who need help in covering their heating bills providing they meet certain income requirements.

For those who fall short of that income level, the county is increasing its own emergency fuel fund, said County Legislator Rob Sassi.

“What options are out there for our residents? With energy costs still hovering at all-time highs, we went from energy independence to now being an independent nation on foreign sources, especially for oil. How are people going to afford it? It’s going to come down sadly for a lot of people to heat or eat. And, it’s your neighbors,” he said.

So, the county is increasing its supplemental fund from $40,000 to $100,000 to assist those who need that additional support to pay their energy bill, be it for oil, natural gas, propane or wood pellets, Sassi said on Thursday.