First Native American ceremony to be held at Kingston City Hall

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Kingston City Hall

KINGSTON – The City of Kingston, the Association of Native Americans of the Hudson Valley, and members of the Munsee, Esopus, and Ramapough Lenape nations will hold the first Wiping of Tears-Winter Solstice ceremony at City Hall on Wednesday, December 21, 2022 at 12:30 p.m.

The traditional Native American ceremony will take place outdoors in front of City Hall and is intended to represent clearing past hurts, connecting to the land, and making way to enter a new, positive relationship with one another.

“To my knowledge, this is the first time a mayor has formally invited Native American representatives to gather in peace with us at Kingston’s City Hall. It’s important for me to acknowledge that the European colonization of North America had a devastating effect on our Indigenous population. Within a short period of time, their way of life was changed forever,” said Mayor Steven Noble.

Paul (Coyote Song) Tobin, president of the Association of Native Americans of the Hudson Valley said, “As we move into the longest night, let’s bring and share our light and love so that together we can look towards a

future where we can shed the tears, sorrows, and burdens of the past and move forward with clear eyes and open hearts.”

The public is invited to attend and encouraged to wear warm clothing.

Radio Kingston will livestream the outdoor ceremony on the City of Kingston’s YouTube channel and the public may also watch the livestream

from the Council Chambers at City Hall. A reception inside City Hall will follow the outdoor portion of the event.

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