Hudson Valley DOT sends crews to assist Buffalo handle major snowstorm

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MAYBROOK – With the Buffalo area’s snow accumulation being measured in feet, the region needs as much help as it can get in handling the accumulation.

The State Department of Transportation’s Hudson Valley region is pitching in by sending crews to assist in the cleanup, said Deputy Regional Director Nikhil Natarajan.

“On the initial request, we sent up over 25 people including over 20 operators for the vehicles as well as mechanics, driving instructors and supervisors and we expect additional requests to come in and we will be able to support those as well and get whatever personnel up there that we need to support the driving public and make the roads as safe as we can,” he said.

As a general rule during a snowstorm, DOT spokeswoman Heather Pillsworth said people should stay off the road for their safety and the safety of the snowplow operators.