Uncooperative victim at Family Partnership Center was not shot, police say

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Shooting victim being interviewed by first responders before being transported to hospital

POUGHKEEPSIE – The victim found with a wound to his leg inside of the Family Partnership Center (FPC) on Thursday night was not the victim of a gunshot wound, according to the City of Poughkeepsie police.

City of Poughkeepsie Detective Sergeant Sean Fitzgerald said the investigation has determined that the man attempted to scale a fence behind the FPC and impaled himself on the top of the fence.  He climbed down from the fence and made his way to the building.  A blood trail led from the fence to the hallway near thesecond floor hallway near the SNUG office.

The police and fire departments responded to the 29 North Hamilton Street building on Thursday night for a report of a man with a “serious leg wound, possibly from a gunshot,” according to the original dispatch at 7:15 p.m.

First responders at the scene were consistent in saying that the wound appeared to have been the result of a gunshot.

The original account can be found here.

While being prepared for ambulance transport to a local hospital, the man told a City of Poughkeepsie detective that he had not been shot but declined to say how he had been injured.

Police have not determined why the injured man entered the building, going past an occupied gym, and went tried to get to SNUG.

Brian Doyle, the soon-to-be-retiring CEO of Family Services Inc., which owns the FPC told Mid-Hudson News “We want to make sure the community knows that the injury was not the result of a gun or knife,” adding “We are hoping he has a speedy recovery.”  Doyle said that he was pleased with the staff members that provided assistance to the victim.

The investigation is ongoing and the police are asking for anyone with information regarding the incident to call the confidential TIP LINE at 845-451-7577.