New visitor center launches $1.8 million upgrades at Thomas Cole National Historic Site

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Lt. Gov. Antonio Delgado addressed the groundbreaking ceremony for the visitor center

CATSKILL – The $1.8 million infrastructure upgrade at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site in the Village of Catskill was kicked off Thursday with groundbreaking for a new visitor center.

The 1,800-square-foot visitor center, to be named The Cole Center, will serve as a multi-purpose open concept space designed to improve visitor experience, state officials said.

It will include a gift shop, a café, a public patio, and will host visitor orientation, events and creative activities.

The new facility will incorporate high-efficiency heating and cooling pumps, with electricity sourced from regional solar.

The project is supported by a $360,000 grant from the state’s Empire State Development Corporation.

“Thomas Cole dedicated his life to conservation while using his talents as an artist to capture the wonder of our natural surroundings, including the Hudson Valley and Catskill Mountains,” said Lt. Governor Antonio Delgado. “The Thomas Cole historic site is not only an essential component of our economy, but also serves as an important reminder that the beauty of our countryside is awe-inspiring, and its preservation is vital to the well-being of our environment.”