State needs snowplow drivers

DOT plow truck

POUGHKEEPSIE – As the Hudson Valley is on the receiving end of the first winter weather of the season, the State Department of Transportation needs drivers to plow, sand and salt state roads.

A winter weather advisory is in effect for the region from 6 p.m. Tuesday to 10 a.m. Wednesday with snow – possibly one to three inches – ice and rain falling.

The DOT has enough drivers to handle the normal plowing and sanding duties on Interstate 84 and other area state roads, it could use additional ones, said spokeswoman Heather Pillsworth.

“Our drivers are equipped to handle the routes that they have. We need to subsidize these as any business would need to subsidize who they have on the road with their vehicles,” she said.

The state DOT needs an additional 86 drivers in the Hudson Valley and a total 617 statewide, Pillsworth said.

Should a severe storm hit the Hudson Valley, the DOT has the ability to bring people in from other areas of the state.

For new hires, the agency provides in-house training and so they can secure the required driver’s license.

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