Cornerstone Family Healthcare celebrates over $6 million upgrade to Port Jervis center

Nurses station at the remodeled Port Jervis facilities of Cornerstone Family Healthcare

PORT JERVIS – Cornerstone Family Healthcare, headquartered in Newburgh, has completed the $6.75 million upgrade to its facilities in the City of Port Jervis.

The center, in the former Doctors Sunnyside Hospital that was founded in 1959, has been transformed into a full-service medical practice to serve all people, noted Linda Muller, Cornerstone’s president for over 31 years.

“What I wanted to create was a space where people could feel respected. Where they felt dignity. Where they felt they were no different than any other person coming in to get the greatest healthcare services that they can receive,” she told a ribbon cutting ceremony on Thursday. “That it didn’t make a difference what the color of their skin is, what their religion is, what their beliefs are, who they love, whether you are a Democrat or Republican, we really don’t care. What we care is singular, is that you are human and that you need care.”

The redeveloped facility part of the “transformation of Port Jervis,” said Senator James Skoufis. Assemblyman Karl Brabenec said the center is “part of the renaissance of this great city.”

Mayor Kelly Decker, who was born at Doctors Sunnyside Hospital, and whose father was its administrator – and also the city’s mayor – and his mother was a nurse there, provided a trip down memory lane about the facility’s past.

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