Letter to the Editor: Rising energy costs are cause for change

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Dear Editor-

There is a growing concern that home heating oil will have to be rationed out in New York. And the fact alone that the Energy Department estimates that heating bills will increase 28% for natural gas and 10% for electricity is astounding. The current administration is responsible for making it more difficult to produce energy in America and as a result, we are all paying the price. We cannot continue down this path. President Biden did not take inflation seriously one year ago and now unfortunately for all of us, it is going to be a very expensive winter.

In a few days, we can send some checks and balances to Washington DC. I cannot wait to vote. New York is in desperate need of new leadership. We need change. I am going to vote early this Saturday, October 29, at 10 am at the Warwick Town Hall. I am voting for Colin Schmitt for Congress, Lee Zeldin for Governor, and Dorey Houle for State Senate. When voting this year, I am not voting for democrats or republicans, I am voting for what’s best for NY Americans.

Patricia Meeney
Warwick, NY

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