Man loses appeal to Monticello armed robbery conviction

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MONTICELLO – A 29-year-old former Brooklyn man who pled guilty to armed robbery in November 2017 in connection with an assault in Monticello, has lost the appeal to his sentence.

Michael Murray was accused of the January 2017 assault when he brandished a 12-inch dagger and demanded that the victim hand over her money.

In Sullivan County Court he pled guilty to one count of armed robbery with the understanding that he would be sentenced as a second violent felony offender to a prison term of no more than 15 years followed by five years of post-release supervision.

Murray later appealed his sentence claiming it was excessive, but the Appellate Division of State Supreme Court ruled, in an October 6, 2022 decision that “upon due consideration of the relevant factors, including defendant’s criminal history and the fact that he committed the underlying offense while on parole, we do not find the sentence imposed to be unduly harsh or severe.”

The appeals court also rejected his argument that he was denied the effective assistance of counsel.