Letter to the Editor: Resident upset about political opinion of neighbor

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Dear Editor-

I don’t usually get involved in politics, but I have to respond to Randy Hurst’s letter to the editor. This hits close to home because he is a neighbor of mine. I always vote based on the person and who I believe would do the best job representing our voice. I have voted Democrat and Republican. I take into account who is there for the community, stands up for what is right, has a plan for the future and that is why I am voting for Colin Schmitt.

Randy does not only insult Colin but he insults all of his supporters, including us neighbors as well, calling us misinformed simply because we have a different opinion than Randy Hurst. This is America where all opinions and ideas are welcomed!

Colin has outlined that he stands for a strong economy by stopping wasteful government spending, making America energy independent through reliable and cleaner American-made energy and strengthening the supply chain here and ending dependence on China.  Schmitt is also an advocate for a safer nation by supporting our police through policy that fully funds training and recruitment efforts of the most qualified. I cannot wait to vote for Colin Schmitt this November.

Judy Dawson
Slate Hill

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