Hudson man arrested on drug charges

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Brad Hapeman

CITY OF HUDSON – The Hudson City Police Department, Monday, arrested a 49-year-old Hudson man on felony drug possession charges.

At 10 a.m. the police received a call of a man reporting unauthorized use of his company’s work vehicle.

The man told police a former employee stopped showing up for work and never returned a work vehicle

That vehicle was spotted in the area of Columbia and North 3rd Street.

When patrol officers arrived, they found the ex-worker, Brad Hapeman, on the scene arguing with the owner of the vehicle.

Officers discovered Hapeman had an active bench warrant from the Town of Greenport Court for failure to appear on drug possession charges.

Hapeman was placed under arrest, but not before he was searched and found in possession of over three grams of crack cocaine.

He was remanded to the Columbia County Jail without bail predicated on his three previous felony convictions.