Retiring Republican Orange County sheriff ‘supports’ Democratic candidate

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Sheriff DuBois with Bernie Rivers (on right).

GOSHEN -This November’s race for Orange County sheriff pits Republican Paul Arteta against Democrat Bernie Rivers.

Arteta had defeated current Undersheriff Ken Jones in a bitter GOP primary.

Jones is the righthand man to the retiring sheriff, Republican Carl DuBois, but he is “supporting” Rivers partially because Jones didn’t win the primary.

“That’s part of the reason but the other reason is because I want a sheriff that is going to tell the truth, that can testify in open court without any kind of question his credibility. Paul Arteta does not have that,” he said.

DuBois opposes Arteta because his name showed up on a list of officers that were accused of some sort of wrongdoing, but not necessarily guilty of anything.

Arteta said DuBois’ allegation is not factual.

“The persons named on the list that the DA maintains does not preclude anyone from testifying. It merely has to be disclosed if it is pertinent to any case,” Arteta said.

Rivers is the retired chief of the State Environmental Conservation Police while Arteta, a former sheriff’s office captain, is presently deputy chief of the Montgomery Village Police Depaertment