Liberty resident threatens to kill man with metal knuckle knife

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Actual weapon used (Liberty Village Police photo)

LIBERTY – A Village of Liberty man was released on his own recognizance as per the state’s bail reform laws after he allegedly threatened to kill another man with a metal knuckle knife during an argument in the area of North Main Street and Law Street in Liberty.

Alexander Garcia, 23, was finally taken into custody during the incident on Friday, September 23.

Two responding officers – Sgt. Austin Sauer and Officer Christopher Orlando – ordered him several times at gun and Taser-point to drop the knife as he continued to verbally threaten to kill the other man.

Garcia eventually complied and was taken into custody without further incident and was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of menacing.

“The public is constantly bombarded with news reports of use of force incidents that end tragically with officers using deadly force against suspects,” said Police Chief Steven D’Agata. “I believe it is also important to highlight the numerous unreported times that officers exercise appropriate restraint in dangerous, tense and rapidly evolving situations.”

The chief commended the two officers “for their professional conduct and restraint in this incident to bring it to a safe resolution for all involved.”