EnCon officers solve mystery of boat striking channel marker

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CATSKILL – State environmental conservation officers have concluded an investigation into a boating accident on the Hudson River in the Town of Catskill. 

In early July, Environmental Conservation Officer Palmateer received information about a boat striking a channel marker on the Hudson River in the Catskill area. 

The Officer and Lieutenant Glorioso set out on boat patrol, inspecting channel markers in the area for damage. The ECOs eventually located a green channel marker with white paint streaks and a missing light, indicating some sort of collision, as well as a navigation light from the bow of a boat sitting on the marker. 

Over the next few weeks, the investigation led officers to the person responsible for striking the channel marker. The man admitted to colliding with the channel marker one night in June. After striking the marker, the man beached the boat near Catskill Creek and got a ride from a friend to Columbia Memorial Hospital in Hudson for the treatment of minor injuries caused by the accident. 

He stated he returned to the location the next morning to retrieve his boat, but it was gone. The Ulster County Sherriff’s Department used sonar equipment to try to find it with negative results. 

On August 13, a kayaker located the boat on the Hudson River just north of the Rip Van Winkle Bridge and the owner retrieved it.

The incident was reported to the U.S. Coast Guard and they are in the process of replacing the light on the channel marker. 

ECO Palmateer issued the subject a ticket for failing to report a boating accident.