Kingston man sentenced to prison for criminal possession of gun

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Leon Peters

KINGSTON – A Kingston man has been sentenced to seven years in state prison with five years of post-release supervision on his plea of criminal possession of a weapon.

The sentence will run concurrently to Leon Peters’ plea to criminal contempt for which he was sentenced to two to four years in state prison and his resentencing to two years in prison with one year of post-release supervision on the previous plea to criminal possession of a controlled substance.

Peters, 35, while released to the community pending sentencing on a felony drug charge, was found in possession of a loaded handgun in an area adjacent to the Broadway Lights Diner in Kingston on April 1, 2021. At the time, Kingston Police detectives were working with investigators from the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office’s Intimate Partner Violent Intervention Task Force and attempting to executive an arrest warrant for Peters’ unrelated felony domestic violence charge.

Peters had discarded the loaded handgun on the street as he ran from police officers in the middle of the day across Broadway in Midtown Kingston.