Ryan’s inflation relief plan is “political stunt,” says minority legislators


KINGSTON – Ulster County Legislature’s Republic Caucus Friday criticized Democratic County Executive Patrick Ryan’s so-called “inflation relief plan” as “an obvious political stand masquerading as good public policy.”

Ken Ronk is GOP minority leader of the legislature, who said, “the saddest part of the plan is that Pat is making promises to the residents of Ulster County that he has no intention of sticking around to deliver on.”

Ryan is running for a seat in the House of Representatives.

Ronk said Ryan’s letter to county residents identifies “Team Ulster County,” but “has a partisan membership requirement as to date no in the administration has spoken to any member of the Republican Caucus about these initiatives.”

Ryan’s plan as part of his 2023 proposed budget, would include a three percent property tax decrease and fee UCAT bus service for all county residents, among other provision.

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