Four indicted for interstate trafficking of ghost guns


WHITE PLAINS – Westchester County District Attorney Miriam Rocah has announced the indictment of four persons who were arrested in June as a result of a multi-agency investigation into the trafficking of illegal guns from Washington to Westchester County between April and June.

In addition to the arrests, authorities seized 31 ghost guns and two conventional firearms that were allegedly assembled and purchased in Washington, DC before being transported to Yonkers for sale between April 28 and June 24.

As alleged in the indictment, Jose Gregorio Olivo-Feliz, 27, of Yonkers; Pedro Junior Olivo-Feliz, 21, of Yonkers, and Netaly Pena-Camilo, 25, of Washington, DC, conspired to transport firearms from Washington to sell them in Yonkers.

Pena-Camilo was allegedly in possession of the firearms and responsible for transporting them across state lines to sell them in Westchester County.

All three were charged with conspiracy, eight counts of criminal sale of a firearm, and 14 counts of criminal possession of a weapon.

A fourth individual, Idanis Lora-Espinal, was charged with criminal possession of a weapon.

The District Attorney’s Office requested that Jose Gregorio Olivo-Feliz and Pedro Junior Olivo-Feliz be held without bail, or in the alternative, on $500,000 cash bail. The DA also requested that Pena-Camilo be held without bail, or in the alternative on $1 million cash bail.

Bail was set by various Westchester County judges as follows: Jose Gregorio Olivo-Feliz $50,000 cash bail, Pedro Junior Olivo-Feliz $200,000 cash bail and Pena-Camilo $150,000 cash bail. Lora-Espinal is being held on $5,000 cash bail.

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