Fire departments warn of scam using their name

Members of the Hughsonville FD. Photo provided.

MID-HUDSON – At least two area fire departments are warning the community of a scam using the name of the fire department.  The warning is the result of several people who received texts on their cell phones regarding a sale on department t-shirts at a specific website.

The Hughsonville Fire Department and the Croton-on-Hudson Fire Department do not sell any apparel online.  Department officials have also indicated that the departments do not accept mobile payments for merchandise and are asking people to refrain from buying Hughsonville Fire Department or Croton-on-Hudson apparel online.

The texts came from phone number 773-694-9845 saying “Hughsonville Fire Department shirts $10 OFF ready to order now”.

Anyone seeking further details on the scam or is interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter can call 845-297-4194 or visit

Croton fire officials said the only current items residents may see are from their current “Fund Drive” letters in the mail or by members selling “Big Bucks” raffle tickets.

Officials said if someone tried to sell you something on behalf of the fire department and it seems “sketchy,” ask the person for ID  or contact the fire department at 914-271-2693 or


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