Newburgh man sentenced for burglarizing home of former girlfriend


GOSHEN – A Newburgh man was sentenced on Friday to nine years in state prison and five years of post-release supervision in connection with his guilty plea in Orange County Court to burglary for having violated a full stay-away order of protection in favor of his former intimate partner.

Alex Livingston, 37, broke into her Town of Newburgh home and terrorized her and her family.

At the time that Livingston pled guilty, he admitted that on December 22, 2020, a valid court-ordered order of protection was in effect which commanded him to stay away from a former girlfriend and her home.

Livingston admitted breaking into her home on that day and damaged property throughout her house.

Prosecutors had argued that Livingston had broken through the door of the residence and entered the home while demanding to see some children who were hiding in a closet with their grandmother.

Livingston was also alleged to have taken his former partner’s phone from her to prevent her from calling 911 and striking her.

After the burglary, Livingston fled to the state of Georgia, where he was eventually arrested and returned to New York to face the charges.

“This defendant’s outrageous conduct not only endangered the adult victims of his crime, but children as well,” said District Attorney David Hoovler. “Those offenders who fail to abide by orders of protection and who commit violent acts against the protected parties deserve significant incarceratory sentences. I urge all who are victims of domestic violence to reach out to law enforcement, and to groups such as Fearless! Hudson Valley for help. Survivors of these crimes deserve our admiration and assistance.”


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