Family abandons rat infested Newburgh apartment (VIDEOS)

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Rat walking across the floor of the Patterson apartment in the City of Newburgh

NEWBURGH – Natasha Patterson and her six children have been living in one of the renovated apartments at 170 South Street in the City of Newburgh, but she has been forced to abandon her home because of a rat infestation.

She is not satisfied with the efforts of RUPCO, which manages the apartments, to get rid of the vermin that can be seen running across the floor.

Click here for a video provided by the tenant.

Mrs. Patterson said one ran across her face while she was in bed sleeping.

“There are droppings on my bed. Then I’m sitting in my room and it’s running on the floor. Now it’s up on my computer. My daughter said there’s one upstairs. So, within the last couple of weeks, I don’t know what happened., My house is not dirty,” she told Mid-Hudson News.

Click here for another video provided by the tenant.

RUPCO Executive Director Kevin O’Connor said there is a reason for the sudden problem.

“It’s a citywide issue. They are cleaning out storm drains and it’s flushing out rats,” he said.

RUPCO placed the Patterson family in a motel for the time being, but Mrs. Patterson said it was full of bedbugs. O’Connor said they would move the family to another temporary lodging until the infestation problem in their home has been remediated.