Kingston to establish rent guidelines board

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KINGSTON – After signing the Emergency Tenant Protection Act legislation into law on July 29, Kingston Mayor Steven Noble said a Rent Guidelines Board will now be established.

The city’s Department of Housing Initiatives will oversee the implementation of rent control in coordination with the State’s Division of Housing and Community Renewal. According to the State’s guidelines, the City of Kingston must establish a Rent Guidelines Board to determine the annual allowable rental increases.

The Rent Guidelines Board will be made up of two tenant representatives, two property owner representatives, and five members of the public, and will meet annually to set guidelines for rent adjustments. 

Each of the members of the public must have at least five years of experience in finance, economics or housing. Board members must be residents of the City of Kingston. The Division of Housing and Community Renewal will assist the board in making its annual determination.

“Citizen participation is critical for so many of our boards and commissions. This board in particular will hold a tremendous amount of responsibility and will be vital for the implementation of the Emergency Tenant Protection Act,” said Noble. “We are looking for a diverse range of Kingston residents while still complying with the rules and regulations set for us by this State Law. I encourage all who are eligible to apply.”

The application for the Rent Guidelines Board is due August 15, 2022, at 5 p.m. and can be found here: