Casinos pitched for New York City

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Communicated Content – Several locations are being considered for the city’s new casino sites. The New York Post reports that Times Square, Hudson Yards, and Coney Island are among them. It has been widely reported that three casino licenses are available for the New York City area. However, where precisely these new sites will be located remains a mystery. The New York Post’s report gives the city’s residents a preview of where a casino is expected to be built.

New York state lawmakers legalized casinos but prohibited them from being licensed in the downstate part of the state until 2023. The move by the government is believed to have shifted the focus of gamblers towards online casino platforms like maximum casinos, where they have been able to enjoy a range of different benefits including convenience and a greater array of choices. Perhaps as a result, in this year’s budget proceedings, state lawmakers and Hochul decided to speed up accepting applications by a year.

Mayor Eric Adams has called for two casinos to be built in New York City and not have them located in nearby jurisdictions like Yonkers and Long Island. 

Following the news, there has been some progress regarding the possibility of bringing some new casinos to the Big Apple, as a number of developers have already held talks about where the best locations to utilize could be. 

The following are some of the locations that have been identified as likely spots for future casino developments.

Hudson Yards

Hudson Yards is thought to be a favorable location, with Related Companies said to be searching for a space to lease near the megadevelopment that they already have there. They are said to have met with the mayor already and have proposed a location on the Far West Side for a new casino that would be built over rail tracks.

Times Square

The developers Vornado and SL Green are reportedly pitching locations in or near Times Square for mega-projects. The developers are also said to potentially seek partnerships with casino operators such as Hard Rock, Sands, or Wynn in order to further their bid. Naturally, the location could be a brilliant destination for a casino, as Times Square is a highly popular tourist destination.

Citi Field

Media reports show Hard Rock executives have discussed plans with New York Mets owner Steven Cohen. They propose developing a casino in Willets Point next to Citi Field. The location already draws crowds of sports fans and concertgoers to Citi Field. Moreover, there is a number of venues located nearby that already hold a significant number of events, while the location is also accessible by subway.

What will happen?

Naturally, there will be a lot of interest regarding what happens next and whether certain locations will be chosen. There are various factors at play, with NYC likely to have to decide on a number of different aspects and factors.

However, while the state is keen to speed the process up, it does not appear as though there is a date for when any stage of the process is expected to be completed. However, it is surely only a matter of time.

Final Thoughts

Who will be the first to develop a new casino in New York City? That’s a question that many are asking as Hudson Yards changes the landscape of Manhattan’s West Side. With several developers vying for the chance to build on that prime real estate, it’s bound to be an exciting competition.