State provides funds to Mid-Hudson childcare facilities

Lawmakers secured transportation study funding.

ALBANY – Over $11 million has been awarded by the state for newly licensed, registered or permitted childcare programs in the Mid-Hudson Valley to assist areas without sufficient childcare.

A total of 51 facilities will benefit from the $11.7 million channeled from Albany.

The funds come from the American Rescue Plan Act administered by the State Office of Child and Family Services.

“Expanding childcare options for working families is personal to me. As a young mom, I had to leave my job due to lack of access to affordable childcare,” said Governor Kathy Hochul.

“Insufficient childcare resources have a tremendous effect on our economy, keeping parents from returning to work,” said Lt. Antonio Delgado. “It is critical for us to improve care, especially in underserved areas where parents have to struggle with the painful and unacceptable choices of whether to keep their jobs and leave their young children home alone with no care at all or quit their jobs and not be able to feed their children and keep a roof over their heads.”

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