City of Newburgh awaits approval for hotel room tax

Newburgh City Hall

NEWBURGH – The City of Newburgh is expected Governor Hochul to sign legislation allowing it to collect a room tax on hotel and short-term occupancy facilities.

The state legislature has already approved the proposal, which now sits on the governor’s desk.

The city only has one hotel, but there has been a recent increase in short-term rental facilities like Airbnb’s that have cropped up in Newburgh and Mayor Torrance Harvey says the city would like to take advantage of a new revenue stream.

“We want to encourage tourism because that does help tourism but we want to make sure that our city residents aren’t footing the bill and that short-term investors, at least these private investors that are creating these Airbnb rentals are paying their fair share as well to the municipality,” he said.

The room tax would be between two and three percent.

To ensure Newburgh collects on all of those short-term tourist rentals, the city wants to create a registry of those facilities.

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