Independent auditors affirm Sullivan County’s finances are stable

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 MONTICELLO – Sullivan County’s independent auditors informed legislators Thursday that county government’s financial picture has improved and is now “stable,” based on the results of their audit of the 2021 fiscal year.

“You did experience a pretty significant increase [in revenue] based on the sales tax primarily,” said Matthew Montalbo of Drescher & Malecki, a Buffalo-based accounting firm. “All in all, [this report is] an improvement from the prior year.”

“I think the audit shows how hard we work every day to remain accountable in how we spend taxpayers’ funds,” County Treasurer Nancy Buck said. “I particularly want to thank Shannan Armbrust and Lucrezia Anderson in my office for compiling the enormous amount of data the auditors sift through, and I thank the auditors themselves for their incredibly professional approach to this vitally important task.”

“Our revenues significantly outpaced expenses last year, as shown by the audit, but I’d also like to note that we spent $16 million less than what we budgeted for in 2021,” said County Legislator George Conklin, chairman of the Management & Budget Committee.

“With inflation and predictions of a recession, it’s imperative that we stick to that kind of conservative approach,” said County Manager Josh Potosek. “We want to ensure our finances remain stable amidst whatever challenging conditions may come our way.”