Middletown PD ask for community help with “alarming increase” in youth violence

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Middletown Police Station

MIDDLETOWN – Middletown City Police have noticed “an alarming increase in the number of fights and weapons” involving young members of the community and the department is seeking parental and community support in reining in the violence.

On Monday, authorities said they had “a brazen shooting” in broad daylight with none of the participants appearing to any older than high school students.

“Make no mistake, the City of Middletown is an overwhelmingly safe community, with low crime rates and a high quality of life,” a statement from the department read.

They said the violence is “a temporary setback” and they need a little help from the community.

Officials said the department works with a number of local and state agencies to meet the needs of the community they need “the buy-in and support from the youth and families who live in our community.”

They are asking the parents of middle and high school children to pay close attention to their activities, who their friends are and how they are spending their free time this summer.

Anyone looking for assistance is asked to call Middletown City Police 24-hours-per day at 845-343-3151.

The cities of Poughkeepsie and Newburgh have also faces an uptick in youth violence in recent times.