Dem attempt to require signs in gun shops fails in committee

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POUGHKEEPSIE – A proposal by several Democratic Dutchess County legislators to require gun dealers in the county to post warning signs failed at Thursday night’s committee meeting.

The proposal said it was offered “To provide for and promote the health, safety, and welfare of the general public by specifically informing potential buyers of weapons or firearms in Dutchess County of the dangers of owning a firearm in the home.”

Seven Republicans voted against it while four Democrats supported it.  One member of the committee was absent.

Legislature Chairman Gregg Pulver told Mid-Hudson News “Throughout discussion and debates, I have been presented with no information that a sign will have any impact on the violence that is plaguing our community which has been allowed to run rampant by Democrat policies from one-party control in Albany.”

Pulver also cited a case where a man who held a Pine Plains school administrator hostage at gunpoint and was recently caught with an illegal gun.  “Recently, a person who held a Dutchess County school hostage with a loaded firearm, had 24 arrests, and was re-arrested with drugs and guns was released without bail- that’s where crime is coming from. Albany needs to stop prioritizing criminals over victims.”

The bill would have required that a sign be posted in all county gun shops warning that “Ownership of a weapon or firearm in the home can lead to accidental discharge, preventable suicide, unintended death of a child or other household members or death during a domestic dispute,” and said that having the signs posted in gun shops would allow consumers to be made aware of the dangers. 

Firearms instructor Jackie Emslie spoke against the bill, saying “Everyone wants to see a reduction in homicides and suicides.  Putting a piece of paper in a gun shop window is not the solution.  The answer lies with demanding that the State Legislature adjust bail reform and reinstating bail for most of those crimes, and continued widespread public education about available mental health resources.  That combined approach will save lives.”

Democratic Legislator  Giancarlo Llaverias said before the meeting “The gun sign bill is a small step in gun safety. No different than a sticker you find on cigarette boxes or signs where people have “beware of dog”. This in no way infringes on people’s right to own a gun but in actuality can protect gun owners.”