Former Orange County legislator dies

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Patrick Berardinelli, Sr.

NEWBURGH – Patrick Berardinelli, Sr., a former Orange County legislator and Newburgh city councilman, has died, county officials said.

Acting County Executive Harry Porr has fond memories of the man who was instrumental in hiring him in Newburgh some 35 years ago.

“I first met him in the City of Newburgh. When I was city manager, he was the third vote on the city council that put me in office,” said Porr. “He was a Democrat at the time, and he didn’t care; he wanted to do what the right thing was to do, and that’s what he did. That continued when he progressed into the county legislature and he performed well, not only for the City of Newburgh, but also for the countywide benefit of his service.”

Leigh Benton, a current county legislator, remembers Berardinelli as a dedicated public servant.

Berardinelli was 82.