Sullivan hospitality firm’s expansion to Orange has support of visitors’ association

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NEWBURGH – Foster Supply Hospitality is noted for its upscale hospitality business in Sullivan County, and now it will be developing its first facility in Orange County, in the City of Newburgh.

Foster Supply Hospitality plans to convert three buildings on Grand Street in Newburgh into a boutique hotel and restaurant with rooftop views of the Hudson River and mountain ranges.

Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association President Roberta Byron Lockwood is happy to see the expansion of the brand.

“We are very pleased that Orange County and some of the Hudson Valley is going to be experiencing the wonderful tradition and well-appointed hospitality that Foster Supply Hospitality brings to the hospitality industry,” she said. “We are very proud of them and I am so glad they are expanding and it just brings more opportunity for more visitors to come and see this beautiful part of our great state.”