DiNapoli concentrates municipal and school district cybersecurity

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ALBANY – It seems that virtually all audits by Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli’s office into information technology issues in local governments and school districts find inadequate management that could clear the way for hackers to get into the systems.

DiNapoli told Mid-Hudson News that correcting many of those issues is low-cost or at no cost.

“That’s why we have really been stepping up our audit work in this area with municipalities, particularly with school districts because we have had instances where systems have been hacked and evil-doers are very clever as to ways to access accounts, not only for personal information, but to try to get money transferred out of accounts,” he said.

DiNapoli said this is an area where governments at all levels must “step up the game” in terms of vigilance.

Just this past week, the comptroller’s office issued reports with recommendations on how the Ellenville and Port-Chester-Rye school districts could strengthen their IT management.