Arrest made in extortion plot

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NEW ROCHELLE – Police in New Rochelle arrested a 51-year-old Bronx man on a larceny by extortion charge.

Police said Jose Maldonado called a New Rochelle woman and told her that her grandson was in custody and injured, and that she needed to get $30,000 in cash to secure his release.

He is believed to have made several phone calls to the victim to prey on her emotions and some money was given to the suspect.

New Rochelle Police were contacted and a rouse was set up to have Maldonado get the rest of the money.

As he approached the house, detectives converged on the suspect who was taken into custody without incident.

Police said this type of scheme is a common occurrence and residents should take great caution when receiving calls like that where professional thieves use techniques to prey on the emotions of unsuspecting victims.