Orange County Land Trust to protect Sugar Loaf Mountain

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MOUNTAINVILLE – The Orange County Land Trust plans to acquire over 300 acres of land comprising a significant portion of Sugar Loaf Mountain in Sugar Loaf in the Town of Chester.

The announcement comes after the land trust secured an option agreement to purchase the land from the Palmer Family, a preliminary step to purchasing the property. If successful, the land trust would own the property with the intent of transferring it to the State Parks Department as parkland.

The purchase option is for one year and requires a capital campaign to raise the funds to buy the land. The announcement of the potential purchase did not disclose the price tag.

Land Trust Executive Director Jim Dehner said the Palmer family members “care deeply about the property and take great pride in stewarding the land. By protecting this property for future generations, we can honor their family legacy and continue carrying on their tradition of Stewardship.”
County Executive Steven Neuhaus said the county has worked with the Palmer family for close to 10 years to preserve Sugar Loaf Mountain, “one of the most iconic landmarks in Orange County, which has incredible views.”