Diesel fuel spill in Greene County creek


CATSKILL – State environmental conservation officers and spill responders assisted local emergency response personnel to contain a diesel spill in the Catskill Creek in the Village of Catskill.

Encon officers on Hudson River boat patrol used the patrol vessel to deploy approximately 150 feet of hard boom and 75 feet of absorbent boom to contain the spill that occurred on Monday, June 20. 

A vessel docked nearby was identified as the source. One of the vessel’s stainless steel diesel tanks leaked and its bilge pump, set to run automatically, pumped out an unknown amount of diesel into the creek. The bilge pump was immediately turned off and absorbent pads were placed in the bottom of the engine compartment. The valve to the leaking tank was shut off and the leak was stopped.  

DEC will continue to monitor the cleanup to ensure it is protective of public health and the environment.

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