Newburgh hopes to keep a lid on violence with East End mobile police station


NEWBURGH – Several years ago the City of Newburgh purchased a used mobile police response unit from the City of Peekskill. For the most part, it sits parked behind police headquarters, but now it is being turned into a mobile police station parked at Liberty and South streets.

It is the city’s latest effort at curbing violent crime and drug trafficking.

Mayor Torrance Harvey said its purpose goes beyond crimefighting.

“They are not only there to maintain public safety and peace on that block, but also to do community activities – barbeques and hopefully some block parties – we are going to get done at least a couple done this summer to increase the police and community relationship and minimize some of those complaints we all get,” he said.

In addition to the mobile police unit, police cars are parked at the corners between Liberty, Lander, Grand and Broadway. The enhanced police presence in the neighborhood is expected to last through mid-September.

In recent weeks there have been several instances of gunfire with people being shot in some cases.

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