Orange County wants to explore developing a convention and civic center

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Stewart terminal passenger terminal

GOSHEN – Orange County Government is going to seek a $100,000 grant from the state to conduct a study into the feasibility of building a convention/civic center in the county.

County Economic Development Director Steven Gross secured the approval of the county legislature’s oversight committee on Monday.

“In my mind, I have visions of New York Auto Show kind of events, tech shows, Comic-Con Orange, who knows,” he told lawmakers. “We have a lot of opportunities for these kinds of things coming to Orange County. We have an international airport flying to Iceland, flying to destinations all across the country. There is a lot to do here. There is a lot going on here.”

Gross and an ad hoc team have narrowed down four potential sites to study – near Woodbury Common in Central Valley, near New York Stewart International Airport, the Newburgh city waterfront, and the Orange County Fairgrounds in the Town of Wallkill.