On again, off again gun show is off

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SAUGERTIES – A gun show that was scheduled for this weekend in Saugerties is not going to happen.

It was scheduled by the president of the New East Coast Arms Collectors Association but cancelled by agreement with the town following the mass murders in Buffalo and Texas.

At the time, the group’s leader, David Petronis, agreed with town officials to cancel the show which he said, “would have been irresponsible and insensitive to all those who recently lost loved ones.”

Days later, he said the gun show was back on “to create controversy” and that would bring people to the show.

But, on Friday, Town Supervisor Fred Costello told Mid-Hudson News the show was never back on once he made the agreement with Petronis not to hold it.

The supervisor said he had communicated with Petronis telling him the town would reimburse him up to $2,000 for fees he had paid.