Middle schooler brings knife to school


SLATE HILL – A Middle School student at the Minisink Valley Central School District brought a knife to school on Wednesday and school safety officers immediately involved themselves in the situation as soon as they became aware of it, according to a note sent to families of students at the school.

District officials said law enforcement was called in and “very quickly advised us that the student had no criminal intent with the knife,” according to the communication.

“Please use today’s incident as an opportunity to further support what we discuss in school about proper behaviors and have a serious conversation with your child about the importance of knowing and following the rules and regulations in our building,” the officials wrote. “The safety and security of our middle school community remains our first priority. Yor child’s understanding of the importance of this will help ensure our building always remains safe and secure.

Police and school districts across the county have been on a heightened state of alert following the tragic Texas massacre in which 19 students and twi teachers were shot dead by a student.


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