State Police Troop K honors those who made ultimate sacrifice (VIDEO)

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Troop K members at salute.

SALT POINT – Members of the New York State Police, fellow law enforcement, family, and friends, gathered at the State Police Troop K headquarters on Friday to pay respects to members of the State Police that died in the line of duty.

Staff Inspector John Ryan (L) and retired Captain Robert Young.

A 1913 murder in Westchester led to the creation of the State Police in 1917.  Since then, 156 troopers have died in the line of duty.

The first to make the ultimate sacrifice was Trooper James Skiff.  Trooper Skiff died as the result of injuries sustained in a crash while he was riding in the sidecar of a State Police motorcycle. He perished on May 25, 1920.

Troop K which covers Columbia, Dutchess, Putnam, and Westchester counties has suffered the loss of 17 members throughout history.  Friday’s ceremony, conducted by Major Kathryne Rhode, Commander of Troop K, honored those fallen members.

“It’s important to remember the sacrifices that they made for the great citizens of this state,” Major Rhode said of the ceremony.  “They laid down their lives, at will, and we have to remember our 17 members and all of the 156 members of the New York State Police who ultimately gave their lives.”

Troop K Line of Duty Deaths (LODD):

  • Theodore Dobbs 09/24/1924
  • John Lane 05/13/1928
  • Corporal Edward Dolphin 08/06/1928
  • Carl Wilder 09/07/1928
  • Garland Blair 10/12/1931
  • Vincent Dunn 09/30/1932
  • Thomas Lynes 06/03/1935
  • Corporal John Lord 07/23/1935
  • William Graydon 03/19/1938
  • William Dobbs Jr. 09/24/1939
  • Donald Strand 09/28/1960
  • Salvatore Embarrato 07/06/1961
  • Charles Dorrian 09/19/1965
  • Brian Rovnak 02/02/1983
  • Robert Dunning 06/14/1987
  • Investigator Ryan Fortini 01/01/2020
  • Zone Sgt. James Sweeney 03/06/2021

Video of the procession to start the ceremony: