Port Jervis whitewater park proposal scrapped

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Mid-Hudson News Reporter Todd Bender in a whitewater kayak.

PORT JERVIS – The whitewater park proposed in the Delaware River on the shores of the City of Port Jervis is apparently dead in the water.

After years of discussion, research and government filings, Mayor Kelly Decker told Mid-Hudson News the plan is essentially abandoned.

“With the difficulty we had with the Army Corps of Engineers in trying to work with us and really making it difficult, I think that it’s almost like a scrapped idea,” he said. “It really would have been good; it really would have been beneficial for the city, but there was no push at the state or federal level with assistance with the city and the Army Corps of Engineers basically had no interest in; every time we came back with a report, they wanted another report.”

The Upper Delaware River is a major draw for that area where it divides New York and Pennsylvania, and the park was hoped to add to that attraction.