Nyack residents, water main break, conserve water


NYACK – Nyack officials are requesting that all residents and businesses conserve water as repairs were made to a main that broke overnight early Wednesday.

Water pressure to most homes and hydrants in the water district has been restored, following a loss of service due to a water main break at 2:30 a.m. The water district temporarily lost pressure throughout its service area.

Restoration of water pressure to Nyack and Central Nyack began at 4 a.m. using reservoir water which is being restored. The department is using its interconnection with Veolia water to refill the reservoir and restore service, but conservation is needed in the meantime.

There is a  boil water advisory for the following streets:

Theresa Drive
West Street
Phillips Lane
Benson Street
Doscher Avenue
Hobie Street
Patterson Avenue
Tompkins Avenue
Green Street

The water district is working with the local fire departments, the Rockland County Department of Health and the Town of Clarkstown to address the remaining issues.

The water district is a 24/7/365 operation and appreciates rapid notification of any disruptions in supply. The district can be reached at 845-358-0641 (9-5, M-F) or 845-358-3734 after hours.


The District is also working on an unrelated water main break on South Clinton Ave today.