Attempted cop killer found guilty in Orange County


GOSHEN – The Bronx man accused of shooting  City of Middletown Police Officer Evan Barone was convicted by a jury on Friday the 13th.  Orange County DA David Hoovler intends to ask the court to impose the maximum 40-year prison sentence at the July 27th sentencing of 31-year-old Desean Owens.

The original Mid-Hudson News account of the shooting was published on August 29, 2020, shortly after the Myrtle Avenue shooting, and can be found here.

The jury convicted Owens of attempted murder, aggravated assault, assault, criminal possession of a weapon, reckless endangerment, and criminal trespass.  The reckless endangerment charge pertained to endangering children in a car that was directly behind the officer’s car when Owens shot at the officer. 

“Desean Owens tried to kill a police officer merely because he was a police officer, and likely to avoid getting arrested for a parole violation,” said District Attorney Hoovler.

Pursuant to protocols in place since 2015, the Orange County District Attorney’s Office was the lead agency in the investigation, assisted by the New York State Troopers.  The protocol is designed to enhance public confidence in the outcome of officer-involved fatality investigations, by removing the “involved police agency” from the investigation.  The New York State Police collected all of the evidence at the scene and performed the forensic analysis.

DA Hoovler also said “This defendant turned down a reasonable plea offer and claimed he was innocent despite that overwhelming evidence of his guilt. He has shown absolutely no remorse for either his actions in shooting the police officer or endangering the children who were dangerously within his line of fire. Police Officer Barone was grievously injured in the line of duty, and he heroically prevented this defendant from further injuring him, and others by his fast action in eliminating the threat to life caused by this defendant’s depraved actions.”

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