Letter to the Editor: Supreme Court making an egregious error


Dear Editor:

Certain states will enact “trigger laws” when the Federal court overturns Roe v Wade. These state laws include but aren’t limited to; making pregnancy termination felony murder, banning Plan B, and making contraceptives available only to married women. Some states are considering making it a crime to end life-threatening pregnancies including ectopic pregnancies (yes, really). I had an ectopic pregnancy and would be dead if not for the abortion that saved my life. Take a minute to think how this compares to cries about self-protection from gun rights advocates. Compare this to anti-vaxxers who make claims of “my body, my choice”.

In 1973 SCOTUS affirmed Roe v Wade by a 7-2 vote. The majority opinion was written by a GOP president (Nixon) SCOTUS appointee. In 1992 SCOTUS again upheld Roe v Wade. Eight of these justices were appointed by GOP presidents (Bush and Regan). Clearly, GOP nominated justices sanctioned Roe v Wade not once but twice. Take a minute and consider this fact. What has changed nearly 50 yrs later?

Since Roe v Wade the abortion rate has steadily decreased due to the availability of contraceptives, enhanced sex education/knowledge, and expanded access to healthcare. Recognized and accredited polling institutions consistently show that 60%-80% of Americans want Roe v Wade kept in place. Why will SCOTUS overturn Roe v Wade and the will of the people? Why will SCOTUS end a law they sanctioned twice in recent decades? Is this political theater, the desire to oppress women, or both?


Denise Aumick
Wallkill, NY

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