Gillibrand: ant-abortionists don’t respect rights of women

Senator Gillibrand in Newburgh. Mid-Hudson News.

NEWBURGH – Us Senator Kirsten Gillibrand addressed the recent turmoil over abortion rights while in Newburgh on Friday.  The senator decried anti-abortionists for not recognizing the rights of women.

A challenge to a new anti-abortion law in Mississippi forced the United States Supreme Court to address the Constitutional right to abortion granted by the court under the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision.  The official ruling of the recent case has not been entered but a leaked opinion shows that the majority of the nine justices are going to reverse the 1973 decision and let individual states decide if abortion would be permitted in their jurisdiction.

Gillibrand denounced the opinion and those individuals and groups that have been seeking to make abortion illegal.

“Our values are to support equality for all Americans and if you are anti-abortion, it means you do not believe that women deserve basic civil rights, human rights, and civil liberties,” Gillibrand said, adding “It means you do not believe women should have full authority and autonomy over their own bodies, and they do not have the right to make decisions about when they are having children, how many children they’re having, and under what circumstances that are having children and they (anti-abortion groups) do not share our values.”

The video of Gillibrand denouncing anti-abortion groups is below.


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