Man convicted of strangling ex-girlfriend loses appeal


ULSTER COUNTY – Ted Goodwalt, a convicted felon, lost his appeal to have his conviction vacated.  The ruling was issued two years after Goodwalt was released from prison early for good behavior.

Goodwalt pleaded guilty in Ulster County Court in 2017 to an attempted assault charge for a domestic incident involving his former girlfriend.  He was sentenced to five years of probation and served a restraining order to stay away from the victim.

In 2018 Goodwalt entered the victim’s apartment and attempted to strangle her while she slept.  He was convicted on the charge and sentenced to prison for 2-4 years.  In addition, he was sentenced to an additional 1-4 years in prison for the probation violation.  The sentences were to run consecutively.

Goodwalt appealed the conviction saying that his attorney provided insufficient representation.  The appellate court found no justification for the claim and denied the appeal.

Goodwalt’s maximum term in prison was set to expire in June of 2025.


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