Encon officer rescues majestic bald eagle in Newburgh

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TOWN OF NEWBURGH – A majestic, mature bald eagle was rescued by a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) Officer earlier this week.  The local DEC officer received a report of an eagle that was lethargic and appeared to be unable to fly near Old Balmville Road in the Town of Newburgh on Wednesday.

Environmental Conservation (ENCON) Officer Kevin Wamsley responded to the report and located the calm national symbol of freedom and determined that the bird needed additional evaluation from qualified personnel.

ENCON Officer Wamsley and the rescued eagle

Using an extension pole with a net attached, Wamsley said he was able to contain the eagle without any issue.

Once secured, the ENCON Officer transported the bird to the FFF Wildlife Center in the Greene County town of Hunter for evaluation and potential rehabilitation.  The non-profit rehabilitation facility is an approved agency that works with DEC to help injured animals.

Wamsley described the eagle as being a mature creature that is approximately five years old.  This is not the first time the ENCON Officer has rescued a bird of prey.  In 2021 Wamsley rescued a Great Horned Owl and transported the bird to a rehabilitation facility.  In December of last year, he joined with the rehab staff to release the owl back into its natural habitat.